Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A sample of my 3d foundry work

Solid bronze dumpling potsticker paperweights
...or are they empanadas? You tell me! 
First run was individually hand formed from wax using my mother's old Cantonese cookbook as my guide.  Next --- I will make bronze har gow, sui mai, etc.  These dumplings weigh about 1.5 lbs each and are for sale on my Etsy site. Sold individually or as a set of three. 
An excellent gift for the foodie executive in your life! : )

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Brandi Bradley said...

What better way to enjoy food than to have a sculpture in bronze or gold that can be placed on a shelf to enjoy through the year? Other ideas might include a cake or pie that is decorated with paint so that it has a realistic appearance along with the antique finish.

Brandi Bradley @ Rotax Metals