Monday, July 21, 2014

Figurative Smigurative

    Maybe it's because of my mixed Asian-Scot heritage, but I've always disliked being labeled or pegged --- be it the label of 'landscape artist 'or 'illustrator'; 'fine artist' or 'animator'; or whichever. I can't imagine painting nothing but one style in one media for the rest of my life. I strive to create honest artwork, whether it be in bronze or in ink; cutting social satire, or a meditation on the land. Ideally, it all sort of comes from the same place. I don't think I'm alone in this. Many "fine artists" over the decades have worked in a wide variety of media. i.e.: Picasso! Many made their bread and butter from illustration: ie: Andy Warhol! But that's another story. 
    As far as my personal work, the media doesn't matter so much as the expression. These thoughts are fueling my next series of scroll works. Please stay tuned! 

Some examples of my some of my figurative work...
Life drawing from a model at El Ancon sculpture park, Summer sessions, 2014
Top: Painted live from a model at The Mission Cultural Center, San Francisco.
This scroll was last exhibited at Burris Hall, New Mexico Highlands University, "Landscapes and Things" with sculptor Paul Rosal.

'The Thinker; after Rodin'
Chinese inks on rice paper
©Amber Lon MacLean
Las Vegas, New Mexico

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